Strandhill, County Sligo, Ireland

Greeting card – Strandhill, County Sligo, Ireland

“Mostly sunny… with a chance of slugs.”


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Greeting card – Strandhill, County Sligo, Ireland

“Mostly sunny… with a chance of slugs.”

The Card

  • Original illustration hand-drawn then digitally finished
  • Printed locally in Sligo, Ireland
  • Printed on A6 300gsm card stock
  • Supplied with a brown kraft-fleck envelope
  • Packaged in a protective cellophane sleeve
  • Blank inside for your own message
  • No, you don’t get the pen.


Shipped via standard post. Irish orders should arrive through your letterbox within 2-4 business days (Please refer to average shipping times for orders outside of the Republic of Ireland). Sent in a hard backed envelope to ensure it reaches you in prime condition.


It was a case of being in the wrong place at the right time. “Maybe you should come and check out Sligo before you commit to being here for the summer.” A week later I pulled into the carpark on the beachfront down in Strandhill I got the feeling, here’s a home away from home if ever there was. That long stretching sandy beach backed by high dunes, crumbling and pocked by prints of cavorting kids, bristled with that grey-green grass. Boulders strewn in patches, slick with seaweed.

Even in the wee hours when there’s no-one about the seafront has a hum about it. As the day ages, the place begins to buzz. Carpark full of crusty vans, shiny trophy rollers, dodgy NCT-holders, bikes, skateboards, dogs, kids, strollers, mums and dads, lads and ladies, Northerners, locals, Dubs, surf-school trolleys wobbling with foamies, the odd horse… The cafe down there, Shells, was reincarnated three times over my years of being there and now, finally, serves up some serious grub and raised the bar for coffee to a Melbourne standard.

The real locals I reckon are the ones that have really been there for years, I mean, these folks go back a looong way. I’m talking about the ash-black slugs, Limax cinereoniger (yeah, look them up). Always out there going about their day (and night), doing what they do, minding their own business, paying no mind to the hubbub. They’re the quiet ones, and certainly the ones to watch. Next time or, the first time, you find yourself out there in Strandhill, keep an eye out and remember – respect the locals.