Runner Ducks

Greeting card – Runner Ducks

“…and suddenly from around the corner they came!”


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Greeting card – Runner Ducks

“…and suddenly from around the corner they came!”

 The Card

  • Original illustration hand-drawn then digitally finished
  • Printed locally in Sligo, Ireland
  • Printed on A6 300gsm card stock
  • Supplied with a brown kraft-fleck envelope
  • Packaged in a protective cellophane sleeve
  • Blank inside for your own message
  • No, you don’t get the pen.


Shipped via standard post. Irish orders should arrive through your letterbox within 2-4 business days (Please refer to average shipping times for orders outside of the Republic of Ireland). Sent in a hard backed envelope to ensure it reaches you in prime condition.


Lost out on the back lanes down in West Cork we’d been trying to find our way down to the water for our picnic. Every lane it seemed ended in some quagmired farm paddock, a minefield of cow pats and boggy ground. Eventually we came down another dead-end that terminated at a great stack of old two-story stone buildings surrounded by well-established trees and a riot of foliage, flowers and fruit. Down beyond the gate near what looked like a newly build cob pizza oven was a bloke working away at something under an enormous hat.

“Hello!” I’d called, “any chance we can get down to the sea through here?”

“Sorry, do I know you?” the bloke had thrown back.

“No… not yet!”

Within ten minutes we were all down on his private little beach sharing a picnic. We quickly learned this was yer man’s very own permaculture wonderland. For the next four hours we were treated to a full tour: here the network of canals and islands on which wee forests of vegetables were carefully terraced, the waters about them were the breeding grounds for his newts (of course), and on the water drifted about free-floating car-tyre hydroponic rafts of strawberries. The walls of the buildings glinted with fixed or lean-to glass houses which bristled with herbs, sub-tropical fruits and a great tangle of grape vines. The chickens were a given I guess but I was not prepared for the other five fowl that came bustling all a gaggle from around a corner…

Charisma, charm and delight are apt adjectives for these slender, upstanding folks. They seemed to have settled themselves in a utopia we longed to become a part of. The image of these folks is easily conjured up when I need a lift and it never fails to bring with it a smile.