Jellyfish Cassette T-Shirt

Luxury organic cotton t-shirt design illustrating a dark future-retro mash-up. The success of any species is tangled with all sorts of complications.


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The success of any species is tangled with all sorts of complications.

Climate is changing and human pressure on this planet’s resources are increasing. The impact humans are having on the marine environment is significant. Will the legacy we leave for future generations be an almost lifeless sea full of plastic? Jellyfish have a high tolerance to warmer water, pollution and a degree of ocean acidification – this may give them the fitness to bear up under the stress of a rapidly changing environment. It is also apparent that what will persist, perhaps indefinitely, is our legacy of plastic.


  • Medium fit
  • Screen printed on chest
  • 100% organic cotton
  • Ring spun, combed, single jersey
  • Pre-washed

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A favourite t-shirt should be so comfy you feel like you’re not wearing it. It should last. The design speaks to you reminding you of a time, place, someone special – or you just dig it. As a traditional screen printed tee you know it just won’t die.

Our fabric has a soft, luxurious feel that comes from using high-quality, ring-spun combed cotton – 100% organic cotton. The garment is also Fairwear certified but technically we’re not certified to advertise that fact – you’ll see it on the care label. It feels good to know that folks down the supply chain are getting a fair go.

We worked hard to source high-quality, ethical shirt stock. They’re not just for wearing once for that gig on this Saturday. You’ll want to hang onto this shirt.

Care Instructions

Look after your shirt and you’ll get years of wear out of it. How you wash has a big impact on a t-shirt’s lifespan so to prolong its life, follow these recommendations:

  • Turn inside out before washing
  • Wash similar items together
  • Always use cold water
  • Avoid bleach or strong detergents
  • Line dry in the shade – don’t tumble dry