Holding Sway (purple)

Greeting card – Holding Sway (purple)

“Relax and follow the arc for the fishes are holding sway.”


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Greeting card – Holding Sway (purple)

“Relax and follow the arc for the fishes are holding sway.”

The Card

  • Original illustration hand-drawn then digitally finished
  • Printed locally in Sligo, Ireland
  • Printed on A6 300gsm card stock
  • Supplied with a brown kraft-fleck envelope
  • Packaged in a protective cellophane sleeve
  • Blank inside for your own message
  • No, you don’t get the pen.


Shipped via standard post. Irish orders should arrive through your letterbox within 2-4 business days (Please refer to average shipping times for orders outside of the Republic of Ireland). Sent in a hard backed envelope to ensure it reaches you in prime condition.


It’s that pendulum swing that did it; twinnys are just different animals out in the water.

When I first laid eyes on G’s new twinny lying there on the grass I knew the wall had fallen. It was a Steve Lis style keel-finned fish shaped by Dain Thomas of Sea Surfboards (Byron Bay). It took a few weeks to save up the cash before I could throw down the measly $600 for my own custom, forking out a little more for the volan. Within a few years these master-crafts were going for $1200 and soon after the Sea dried up. Those that know, know and lament the passing.

Laid over on a rail, the two big keel fins cut great arcing swathes through the wave face at speed. These great arcs drawn out at speed made me feel like I was riding the board shape’s namesake. No, hang on, not riding something like a fish… it was a fish – alive and writhing. As my relationship developed with the this creature I began to understand that it would be best to defer to experience – the fish knows, just go with it.